Is the Mormon Church a Cult?

Lots of people have heard that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly nicknamed the “Mormon Church”) is a cult.  When I used to hear this claim, I would try to point out the flawed logic in their reasoning.  However, I quickly realized that there was a much more effective response–a simple question.


“What is the definition of a cult?”

christus-jesus-christ-mormonWhen having this conversation in person, most people stumbled through their reply, usually barely making it through a coherent sentence.   When having this conversation online, people would take longer than normal to respond as they whisked off to search Google.

What I learned was most people don’t even know the definition of a “cult.”  Instead, it has become a catch-all for “any religion I don’t understand or like.”  Well, then, is the Mormon Church a cult?  By that definition, I suppose it could be added to the ranks of every religion and belief system who has its group of detractors and critics.


Do you know the definition of a cult?

Are you potentially guilty of using it to fit your own agenda without understanding its meaning?  On this website, you’ll find the two most common definitions of a “cult” and explanations of why the Mormon Church (and Christianity in general!) does or not does fit the definition.

You can also learn about the beliefs, as well as the practices and ordinances, of the Mormon religion.  Finally, you may have Mormon family, Mormon friends, Mormon neighbors or Mormon co-workers and know who they are and how they live.  But if not, check out the Members section to find some videos and commentary about normal, everyday Mormons.